Dragon Bay, Happy Hill & Beausejour Bay – Moliniere Point – The Underwater Sculpture Park

All three of these bays are located inside the Moliniere/Beausejour Marine Protected Area (MBMPA), so anchoring is prohibited. And while allegedly there are plans to check, reorganize and renew the moorings inside the marine park, when we were sailing in Grenada there were only two mooring buoys available in Happy Hill and none in the other two bays.

That being said though, the bays are so close to each other that you can easily explore all three by dinghy while leaving your boat moored in Happy Hill. Or, if you have a good dinghy exploring these three bays from Moliniere Point, described below, is an option too.

And, all three bays are worth visiting. They all look beautiful, have crystal clear water, good snorkeling and nice beaches. Happy Hill is a popular dive spot as well and you will often see dive boats here during the day.

Be careful if you plan to beach your dinghy in Happy Hill as there are a lot of rocks, and coral, right off the beach. We found a fish trap tied to one of the two mooring buoys at Happy Hill and both buoys definitely showed signs of wear and tear, so be sure to check them well.

You are supposed to pay a fee for using the mooring buoys, but nobody came to collect it during our stay and I can’t find a way to pay the marine park online. The bays offer good shelter, but get uncomfortable during a large northerly swell.

This anchorage is also inside the Moliniere/Beausejour Marine Protected Area (MBMPA), which means you can’t anchor here.

Pick up one of the white mooring buoys for the day, or stay overnight. Some ropes showed a lot of chafe though, so do check your mooring well especially if you decide to stay overnight. If you decide to go to Moliniere Point by dinghy instead, you’ll find a dinghy mooring inside the bay, just off the small beach.

The sculptures are located just south of the northern tip of the bay, in 5 to 8 meters (16 to 26 feet) of water. Scuba diving to the sculptures is probably the most fun, but the water is normally very clear so you can easily see them snorkeling as well.

Note: I expected all sculptures to be in one place. They aren’t. They are placed in different sandy patches in between the coral. So swim around a bit to see them all. The official fee for using the mooring buoy is, from what I understand, US$ 10. But, collecting this fee seems to happen hardly ever.

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